imperia CMS - Flexible, modular, process-oriented

imperia CMS is a Content Management which is intuitive to use. The linchpin of the system are easy and flexible workflows which enable you to control all of your processes. You don't have to wait long imperia is ready to use. The implementation as well as changes and additions will be realised quickly.

process-oriented Content Management

How does imperia CMS work?

With imperia CMS you can define which of your colleagues are to create, release or translate content, for instance. You define the time and medium of the publication in the same way.

Find out why and how this makes the lifes of your editors easier and watch this video.

Open system architecture

The open system architecture of imperia CMS allows an easy integration into your existing software ecosystem. One has the opportunity to make any further adjustments very easily. This means your investments are secured and the costs for your infrastrucrte are kept low.

Plug-in principle

The range of workflow functions delivered with imperia can be easily expanded with the greatest variety of PlugIns. We have developed numerous useful PlugIns that make workflow design even more flexible and make working with imperia even easier.

imperia Workflow-Engine

The imperia Content Management System adapts to your corporate processes – not the other way around! The imperia Workflow Engine makes it possible. Even complex processes can be quickly and easily implemented – such as multi-stage release and escalation processes on the intranet or the implementation of a multilingual portal followed by publishing in various output media.

Editorial Workflows

All workflows that you map in imperia are defined intuitively us-ing a graphical user interface, the grid. The individual steps of the workflow are represented by graphical elements (PlugIns) which can be simply dragged onto the grid, “dropped” there and connected to each other. The workflow created in this way can be implemented immediately.